LoughTec keeps your staff’s skills up to date…

Less is more when it comes to training your staff…

Whether you’re upgrading to Office 365, or looking to increase your staff's security knowledge or want to manage Mental Health in the workplace, up to date skills means your business is efficient and a great place to work. LoughTec has the training you need, found in 3 clicks, done & dusted in 3 minutes. LoughTec courses teach you what you want, when you need it most and will make all your people proficient and confident users.


  • Microsoft 365

    Communicate and collaborate easily with Teams
    Step by step videos teach your people all they need to know
    Content that matches your business needs.

  • Personal Skills

    Makes your business a great place to work
    Highly motivated and fulfilled people increase productivity
    Up to date content keeps your people and business efficient

  • Training Benefits

    Together with LoughTec’s ‘60 Seconds of Genius’ an extensive
    library of video-based tips, tricks and hacks that your staff will crave..

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

    Good mental health at work and good management are inextricably linked. Our Mental Health at Work courses will benefit your whole organisation; let us help make your business a great place to work!.

  • Key content for every aspect of your business

    From Microsoft Office 365, 2016 or 2013, Gmail, through to mental health in the workplace, personal leadership and management skills, to sales and customer care training, LoughTec have got you covered..

An interface that’s familiar to all. It’s our “Lough”flix environment where users can click, swipe and tap content on their computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Our portal offers Training Hot Picks, New Releases, Customised Training and your choice of LoughTec Courses.


500+ Quick Win LoughTec Courses

IT Skills, Soft Skills, Corporate Responsibility

Over 1,500 Online Video Tutorials


Exceptional content. Our bite-size videos are engaging, relevant, current and to the point

Free Updates

Updated video content provided automatically


You can select exactly what content you need – no need to have it all

Phenomenal Support

Help and support is always at hand, we’re just a phone call or email away