Proud to be providing cyber protection to Limerick Institute of Technology.

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LoughTec Ltd is proud to confirm Limerick IT (LIT) have further enhanced their IT security posture across their entire IT infrastructure by adding additional layers of cyber protection from LoughTec to their existing IT security strategy. Based across multiple locations, Limerick IT offers courses at Level 6 (certificate) through Level 10 (PhD) whilst also catering for craft apprentices and adult and continuing education. The Institute has twice been named as The Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the Year in The Sunday Times University Guide, firstly in 2008 and again in 2013.

With a focus on endpoint vulnerability prevention, detection and remediation in conjunction with behavioral analysis and control, LIT have put LoughTec solutions in place to mitigate a wide range of endpoint cyber threats.

LoughTec Ltd with our US and EMEA partners will provide LIT with next gen IT security solutions designed to provide control, cyber incident detection and response, standard compliance assurance, file integrity monitoring, endpoint vulnerability detection and remediation, asset management, shadow IT discovery and advanced business intelligence.

Commenting on the enhanced IT security solutions provided to LIT, LoughTec’s Business Development Manager Michael O’Kane commented “We are very proud to support the IT function within Limerick Institute of Technology. We are delighted to have LIT as a client and look forward to delivering our range cyber threat prevention and control solutions.”