Hilton Food Group plc select LoughTec’s cyber security solutions to protect their global IT operations.

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LoughTec Ltd is pleased to confirm Hilton Food Group plc as the latest customer to select LoughTec’s Cyber Endpoint Protection solutions as part of their layered IT security strategy for their Global IT operations.

Supplying major international food retailers including Tesco, Ahold, Albert Heijn, ICA, Rimi and Coop Danmark, Hilton Food Group plc employs over 2,800 staff across their state of the art European facilities.

LoughTec Ltd, based in Northern Ireland will in conjunction with our US and EMEA partners provide cutting edge agentless cyber incident detection and response, standard compliance assurance, file integrity monitoring, endpoint vulnerability detection and remediation, asset management, shadow IT discovery and advanced business intelligence.

Michael O’Kane, Business Development Manager within LoughTec’s cyber security division commented “We are delighted to implement one of our IT security solutions into Hilton Food Group plc as part of their layered security strategy, and look forward to working strategically with Hilton Food Group’s internal IT team over the coming months in order to further improve their IT security posture in conjunction with our global security partners.