LoughTec’s Connect Solution has solved a number of issues for the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown; not only does it provide students with access to virtualised desktops and applications, it also allows student to access network shares and network pay for print services. The software provides a single simplified solution to a number of user issues.

At project outset, it was planned to deploy the solution as a remote access gateway, to provide students with access to software applications and virtual desktops. However, as we now have first –hand experience of the applications stability and ease of use, the project has been extended to stream software applications to thin clients and PC’s on the LAN. The application suite has also allowed us to offer a BYOD service to our students. We believe that Connect delivers substantial solutions to significant problems at an affordable price point.
IT Blanchardstown

Guys just a quick note to advise you that the service received to date has surpassed my expectations. We are all busy and overstretched however such is the level of service I have received I thought it only appropriate to drop you a line on the same.
Your team are efficient in addressing the issues and some have gone beyond their obligations to assist.
Steel Solutions
Loughtec is quicker in their response to solve any issue. My gut feeling is that I’m happy because the system works with a minimum need of my intervention. Loughtec does back up and monitoring off site every day and I don’t need to check or worry about it anymore. So I have more freedom to focus on other aspects of my role in Tesab.
I’m happy to recommend Loughtec and have done already said to other companies with no hesitation that Loughtec is great to work with.
Tesab Engineering Ltd
Just wanted to say THANK YOU, a seamless server migration into our company across two facilities. I’m actually amazed at how easy Loughtec made this look and the downtime for users was minutes not hours, if they had any whatsoever. Well Done and please pass this onto the rest of the team who were working on this in the background.
If you need any type of reference or review for new customers or social media then let me know
Euro Auctions
Loughtec have provided us with an excellent service and have proved themselves to be reliable in addressing any issues that arise. They have the skills and experience needed to provide for our current and future development from an IT infrastructure point of view.
Omagh Enterprise Company
The systems they support are critical to the business and we rely on them for the smooth functioning of those systems – it would be very hard to run things without them. They are responsive, accessible on the phone, provide good holiday cover and we can get in touch with them in the mornings or evenings if there is an emergency.
They’re a local company and they’re the best in the Region.”
LW Surphlis
Loughtec’s implementation of Connect allowed staff and students to connect immediately to LYIT systems, accelerating the integration of new systems and enabling productive work to continue uninterrupted. The system also provides remote workers with access to all facilties such as files and applications as if they were sitting at their desk. Loughtec know the technologies they recommended and implemented.
LetterKenny IT