A new wave of attack on our digital world is happening now!

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The best line of defence against this known from of attack called Lucifer (and all other attacks) is to ensure that Windows is fully patched with the latest updates. The second line of defence is to use a strong password for your Windows login (and any other account, really).

That’s because Lucifer attempts to brute-force its way into Windows systems, meaning it bombards PCs with commonly used login usernames (like administrator, single user name such as John or Ann) and passwords (like, Pass, Password, 123123, Letmein). The advice on protecting you is not something that is new from LoughTec;
never use the same password for other accounts such as on-line accounts,
keep them complex,
keep them in a little book and keep it safe, Yes writing them in a book is not the safest but, if you kept it away from eyes that don’t see it, then no one else will know them. At least there will not be a digital record which could be accessed by an attacker.

Yes we agree complex passwords are hard to remember but, remember this, how long would it take you to remember everything you have saved or recorded into databases, if an attacker gained access to your system and deleted your data or encrypted it, how hard would things then be for you?

So please follow this sound advice, make your password complex, eg: H@ppY@ndS@f3N0wUs3rN@m3!!.

Declan ONeill
LoughTec Infrastructure Engineer