My work applications and data, available anywhere, on any connected device !!

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In the IT world, the phrase “my applications, anywhere on any connected device” when delivered by an IT company to a business, can all too often result in an over priced, over-promised solution that under-delivers.

What would it mean to your workers and how you do business if you were able to get access to your ERP or accounting system, your network files, the payroll system or for that matter, all the applications that you traditionally have to drive into work and sit at a desk to access? And what if the applications and data could be accessed on an iPad, or a phone as well as on your laptop or a suite of PC’s at a remote site, on a different continent?

The answer –

All your work applications and data, accessible within a web browser via a secure username and password. Dramatically cheaper than Citrix and deployed in hours.

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