You need a new kind of approach to tackle today’s threats.

Why? The short answer, because Prevention is Ideal but Detection is a must.

It used to be that just keeping your antivirus (AV) up to date kept you out of harm’s ways. Then along came malware detection which is really AV for your browser in disguise. Then came application blockers which are nice until you realize your IT tickets are increasing proportional to the decrease in allowed applications (to speak nothing of the added user frustration). Now there are more technologies to record and detonate potential threats being thrown at your endpoints than ever, all in the name of security.

However there are still challenges such as:

  • Having unified visibility and control over what’s running on your endpoints and servers for the myriad of security products trying to defend them
    Ensuring that you can respond in seconds to the next threat that effects your endpoints and servers
    Knowing that you are ready for the next generation of threats by sourcing the latest threat intelligence

What you need is a way to ensure that what is supposed to be running on your endpoints is actually running and that you have complete control over it, all without installing security software.

Analyze Everything

LoughTec has years of research that allows our technology to optimize how we ask and understand what is running on an endpoint. The result is incredibly fast (sub 10 second per endpoint) responses on advanced queries at enterprise scale that can detect change in your environment. By having a clear definition of how something is supposed to be (including support for any standard, NIST, CIS, etc) and how an endpoint changed, we can respond more intelligently with actions to drive events to your SIEM team, to your patch management team, to your endpoint protection team, to your security analytics team or to your incident response team or directly to your endpoint.

Trust no file… MetaDefender prevents data borne cyber security attacks.
Trust no device…MetaAccess prevents risky devices from accessing your cloud applications.