Why it’s important to stay vigilant online

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staying vigilant online - LoughTec

At LoughTec, we aim to ensure all our customers stay safe online. In this blog, we will outline a very simple, common-sense approach to help protect you and your business in this digital age.

End-user vigilance is key, even when you think you have all protections in place to prevent spam email and viruses infiltrating your digital devices. For example, if you were to ask your postman/postwoman not to put spam mail or junk into your letterbox, you will still find some spam or junk mail being delivered occasionally. You don’t want it, but you still get it. You then decide on whether or not the mail is spam/junk. The most likely result is the mail will be thrown in the bin.

Users need to apply the very same principles to electronic mail, even when they have applied rules not to receive spam and junk emails. Again, users will still receive these from time to time.

In this instance, the receiver needs to be vigilant when looking at mail.

Checking the sender’s address is the first step; check the name but most importantly, check the domain of the address, after the @ symbol. If you regularly receive an email from joe.bloggs@microsoft.com and then receive an email from joe.bloggs@microsott.com, there may be something sinister going on.

Have you spotted the difference? The domain, after the @ symbol, is different and has come from a different domain to make it look as if it is from the person you regularly get mail from. The domain has been set up to look like the word Microsoft, with a subtle change of spelling. This is often how attackers attempt to fool you. At LoughTec, we would advise users to be mindful of this and check the sender’s address first. If you are unsure, follow up with a phone call to the sender or company the email is claiming to be from, particularly if it is a request for money or bank/personal/business details. The most effective way of doing this is phoning the number you have on file for them already, or using a search engine to find the company phone number.

Do not call the number that is within the email.

By following this advice, you are preventing something sinister from happening, rather than looking for a cure – this will help protect you.

Taking these steps, whether it is post or mail from a digital system, will help protect you and/or your business from fraud.

If you suspect a scam then it probably is.

At LoughTec, we provide support and training to our clients to help protect their IT infrastructure. If you wish to have your business supported by our specialist cybersecurity, managed services and remote working solutions, call us on 028 8225 2445 or email info@loughtec.com. We would be happy to discuss your requirements to help support you and your business for years to come.