MetaDefender Vault

Secure File Transfer and Storage

MetaDefender Vault is a secure file transfer and storage solution that enables the transfer of secure files into and out of isolated and air-gapped networks. MetaDefender Vault supports three primary uses: moving files from a less secure to a more secure network, moving files from more secure network to a less secure network, and acting as a secure file transfer layer between two secure networks.


  • Advanced Threat Prevention

    MetaDefender Vault can be configured for scheduled scans and the sanitization of all files that are stored. This helps prevent unkown file attacks and time-based malware.

  • Visibility and Auditability

    A log entry is created every time a file is accessed to include listing who downloaded or uploaded the file. Administrators can choose how long files are kept and can track the time at which a specific user uploads and downloads a file.

  • Prevent Malware Outbreaks

    Files in Vault can be locked for a specified amount of time and then repeatedly scanned and sanitized by MetaDefender to help prevent malware outbreaks.

  • Supports Guest Users

    Provides secure workflow support for users and roles.  A guest user can be given temporary access to specific files. From the secure network a guest can then login to Vault and only access those files.

"We needed to track and manage the constant flow of data in and out of our facilities. MetaDefender has enabled us to set up detailed security policies for specific users and keep pace with the ever-changing industry requirements. It adds another layer of protection for us."
Malie Combs
Cyber Security Analyst, OPPD


Data Sanitization (CDR)

Sanitize over 40 common file types, and rebuild each file ensuring full usability with safe content.


Choose from over 30 leading anti-malware engines in flexible package options. Third party anti-malware licenses are included.

Supports Web Browsers

Files can be transferred using a web browser. No special client software is required.

Outbreak Prevention

Can keep files locked for configurable time periods and do periodic multi-scanning and data sanitization to help prevent outbreaks from time-based malware.

Workflows and Auditability

Workflow configuration and granular logging for improved auditability.

Supervisor Approval

Supervisor approval option places a human in the loop for reviewing scan results before unlocking uploaded files.