MetaDefender Drive

Trust you can hold in your hand

Any transient device, like a laptop, is a prime target for malicious attacks and infection. MetaDefender Drive inspects devices before they enter a facility or its network—even before they boot up.


Isolate. Analyse. Address.

MetaDefender Drive is a durable USB drive that creates a portable perimeter, in any location where maintaining an air-gap is critical.

Once plugged into a USB port, the computer can be booted safely from Drive, by running off of Drive’s own operating system. This separation allows analysis without software installation — a scan of the entire device for malware, vulnerabilities and a determination of the device’s integrity.

Deep forensic analysis is conducted on every possible file, and detailed threat reports pinpoint which files need to be removed and remediated.

The result? Only trusted devices enter your environment.


  • Inspect Assets Anywhere / Anytime

    Portability enables repeatable, enforceable supervision of transient devices across geographies.

  • Regulated Environments

    Signed firmware and portable, rugged USB drive meet compliance requirements for high-security environments.

  • Uncompromised Insight

    Integrated multi-scanning engines extend threat detection beyond the limits of single scan technologies.

  • Privacy & Compliance

    No target system files are copied for analysis, ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance.

  • Tame the Software Supply Chain

    Embedding third-party components means exposure to external threats. Confirm consistency and integrity at each transfer point, knowing that every file has been inspected and verified.



Scans with multiple malware engines using signatures, heuristics and machine learning to proactively detect known and unknown threats.

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect known vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 software applications with a patented file-based approach.

Multiple Operating System Support

Every Drive works seamlessly across MS Windows, macOS and Linux.

Microsoft BitLocker Support

Drive detects BitLocker encrypted volumes and prompts for a password, confirming that even encrypted files are scanned.

Tamper Proof

Drive’s firmware is protected by a digital signature and cannot be compromised. The ruggedized housing is waterproof and tamper resistant. Any attempt to disassemble Drive will destroy the device and render it inoperable.

Data Privacy

Drive runs on-premise for maximum privacy. No data is sent to the cloud.