Simple, Browser based Access

Instantly run Windows applications & desktops in a browser – without installing or configuring any client-side software

Super - Scalability and Growth

Start small and grow your access as needed – up to 100,000 concurrent users and more per server

Mobility, Freedom & Productivity

Solve BYOD and mobility challenges with innovative products – increase the satisfaction and productivity of your IT staff & end-users

Select Connect over Citrix XenApp:

Easier to use! Lighter Infrastructure requirements! Lower Costs! Let us show you how Today »

Empowering the Workforce and Accelerating Growth

Take advantage of Connect’s ease of implementation, powerful reporting and scalability to overcome day-to-day business challenges and accelerate your growth. Supporting the widest range of user devices, Connect ensures employees can easily access the resources and services they need to be productive, wherever they are and whichever device they’re working on

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What our clients think

LoughTec’s Connect Solution has solved a number of issues for the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown; not only does it provide students with access to virtualised desktops and applications, it also allows student to access network shares and network pay for print services. The software provides a single simplified solution to a number of user issues.

Work Faster, Better and Easier, from Any Device, Anywhere

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