Deane Public Works Ltd achieve Cyber Essentials certification

Deane Public Works Ltd, a longstanding LoughTec client, has recently achieved Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme that helps companies protect themselves against the most common cyber-attacks and provides assurance to customers that you take cybersecurity seriously. Cyber attacks are varied in nature and come in many different shapes and sizes, therefore […]

LoughTec awarded lucrative cybersecurity contract with Icelandic bank

LoughTec, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading IT infrastructure specialists, has been awarded a major cybersecurity contract from Icelandic bank, Landsbankinn. The contract will see LoughTec’s cybersecurity suite being used across the Bank’s operations to identify, detect and remediate advanced security threats from data and devices on their enterprise network. This solution will help […]

How you can protect your business from known and unknown cyber threats

They are only aware of the threats that they have already discovered, but what about new, undiscovered malware? Certainly, some AV Vendors can deploy some Artificial Intelligence (AI) to look for strange, abnormal behaviour and activity on your network, but by the time this is detected, has the damage already been done? Traditionally, Sandbox technology […]

Testing the Strength of Your Passwords

In today’s digital world, the use of strong passwords is essential to ensuring the security of your online accounts and private information. Keeping track of the multiple unique usernames and passwords necessary to access dozens of online accounts has become a challenging task. Many of us record passwords on post-it notes or use the same […]

LoughTec to support Action Mental Health as nominated charity in 2021

One of Action Mental Health’s newest corporate partners, LoughTec, has reflected on the importance of the new relationship in light of the unusual times Northern Ireland is living in, with the ongoing pandemic. In selecting Action Mental Health as its nominated charity for 2021, the IT specialists are eager to help fundraise for the charity. […]

Is your business still running Windows 7?

Technology is evolving by the minute. This is allowing businesses to grow and expand their product/service offerings much faster than before. It is also giving consumers more buying choices in where/who to buy from. However, the flipside to technological innovation is software and operating systems obsolescence. A prime example is the Windows 7 operating system. […]

Does your business keep sufficient backups?

Does your business keep sufficient backups? With the ever-increasing risk of cybercrime across the world, and the global pandemic forcing people to work remotely, more and more businesses are leaving themselves open to cyber attacks. Unfortunately, since the outset of COVID-19, LoughTec has seen an increase in the number of brute force cyber attacks on […]

Letterkenny Institute of Technology selects LoughTec to deliver remote working capability to 4500 students and staff

Increase in virtual learning requirements led the institution to provide students and faculty with simple, secure browser-based access to applications LoughTec, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading IT infrastructure specialists, was selected by Letterkenny Institute of Technology to deliver their secure remote access solution to physical computers and applications on campus. This also enabled […]

Understanding IT security

IT security is an umbrella term that includes network, internet, endpoint, application programming interface (API), cloud, application, container security and more. It’s about establishing a set of security strategies that work together to help protect your digital data. Not so long ago, IT security was a checkpoint at the end of a development cycle. It […]

LoughTec wins framework contract with higher education institutions in Ireland

LoughTec, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading IT infrastructure specialists, has been appointed as sole supplier on a new framework agreement with HEAnet for the next four years. HEAnet is Ireland’s national education and research network, who deliver shared IT services and high-speed internet connectivity to all levels of the Irish education sector. Under […]