What’s the difference between being hacked and spoofed?

What do I need to know about email spoofing? Fake emails being sent from your account is very annoying – especially when you don’t know how it’s happened. This is known as email spoofing, where emails are sent using a forged ‘From’ to send spoof emails, access is not required to the individual’s email account. […]

Holding Ourselves Accountable When Working Remotely

Accountable employees determine their position by themselves rather than being told what it is/should be. Accountability is coupled with responsibility, given that there’s no finger pointing at others. Because of all this, accountable employees are highly valued by businesses of all sizes.  

Wash Your Hands of Poor (Cyber) Hygiene Practices

In just six short months, COVID-19 has transformed the way the world works and has presented unfathomable challenges, leaving many businesses suffering in its wake. However, it’s paramount that we continue to be resilient and tackle these challenges head-on, no matter how difficult or impossible they may seem. While COVID-19 has forced us to be […]