Mobile Security: It’s Not About the Technology

The last few months have drastically increased our reliance on mobile capabilities. Through the increased use of corporate mobile apps, virtual private networks (VPNs), hot spots and more, mobile communications are more critical than ever. Because of this enhanced, unprecedented and sudden dependence on mobile capabilities, mobile security should be at the forefront of everybody’s […]

Are you Up-to-Date?

Importance of Updates You may be all too familiar with those pop-ups on your devices, telling you that there is an update available for your desktop, laptop or mobile devices. Most of us have a tendency to click on “Remind me later”, as we don’t want the hassle of being unable to use the device […]

A new wave of attack on our digital world is happening now!

The best line of defence against this known from of attack called Lucifer (and all other attacks) is to ensure that Windows is fully patched with the latest updates. The second line of defence is to use a strong password for your Windows login (and any other account, really). That’s because Lucifer attempts to brute-force […]